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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  May 26, 2017 9:00am-10:59am EDT

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♪ straight ahead, the memorial day get away. unofficial start to summer has arrived. and millions of people are plan to go hit the roads and air airports. but mother nature could make that trip take little longer. vials of blood piles of cash a man under arrest. just what was going on in an abandoned apartment in southwest d.c.? i'm melanie alnwick with the answer. a victory and an apology. the republican congressional candidate
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wins a special election. and used his speech to say sorry to the reporter he's accused of attacking. first, though, it's time to zip trip and we're coming to you live all morning long from ellicott city, married a community that has made a dramatic come back less than year after a devastating flood. >> from the five must have stops to very special honor for today's hometown hero, you don't want to miss a minute. good day at 9a starts now. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> we got the music, we've got the dj there must be a zip trip 2017. we're in lovely and beautiful and quaint ellicott city, maryland. >> historic and haunted. >> i heard about that. >> really cool. let's br
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they have ents coming you wine bin yesterday was national wine day starting movie nights every friday and saturday nights. james bond movie tonight and tomorrow night to kick off the summer season just as we're kicking off zip trip here in ellicott city. >> we're here nor a specific reason. bob did a lot of reporting after the floods on the weekend of july29th and 30 many. they'll do commemoration for it. there were victims and we're going to have memorials here and just remember but also, too, like a building block how far the city has come. >> absolutely. in ten months they'll replace the clock, the clock tower that was lost and found and returned and stopped at 9:20 when it actually lot of power. >> yeah. >> and just symbolic of what they've done here on main street in just ten months time. >> amazing we'll talk realist coming up too. >> i said city because ellicott city but it's actually an unincorporated area. >> yeah. one of the largest in the na nation. >> county seat for howard co county. >> this guy's almost hometown. >> mike, i know you live right down
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>> i live ten minutes from here. i come here often. haven't been back since the flood. it's great to see that they've rebuilt so well since then. >> love it. >> i love it. new businesses moving in too. now the sun is out. we lost the jackets. >> i'm about to lose mine. >> baby steps. >> weather forecast weiss for today the sun is now shining here in ellicott city. it will be beautiful day. we will have to watch out for maybe a shower later on this afternoon. but for the most part it's a nice day. there we go. there's look at your satellite/radar. again we see some pockets of sunshine. some pockets of clouds, too. watch out for a stray shower later on this afternoon with much drier day. we have popped to 70 now in washington, d.c. here in baltimore mid 60s. here's look at your forecast if you're plan your memorial day. 78 for saturday. watch tout for couple thunderstorms in the afternoon. same deal sunday and monday temperatures warmer each of those days reaching into the 80s. so we'll take look at the rest of the week coming up generally speaking not so bad. >> feels good out here. >> yeah. >> start of memorial day wee weekend. [ cheers and applause ] >> little bit of sun, right. >> thank you ellicott city. we love being here today.
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back to you guys. >> all right. looking good, gang. you guys look awesome. let's see memorial day weekend. we're zip tripping. summer is here. we're happy you're with us i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, wisdom and annie. >> hello. >> good to see you. >> good to see you guys. >> if you're planning a trip to ellicott city, or anywhere else this holiday weekend you're going to have plenty of company. aaa they're saying nearly 40 million americans will travel 50 miles or more for memorial day weekend that includes nearly 35 million people driving to their destination. it's the highest number of memorial day travelers more than a decade. now part of the reasons because gas prices are 22% cheaper than average for this time of year and that's great news for anyone planning a road trip. >> and the other big news story this morning, a man who just charged with attacking a reporter has won a seat in congress. republican greg gianforte picked montana's only house seat despite being charged with assault the day before. he will fill the congressional seat vacated by ryan zinke. he apologize
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and his supporters during his victory speech last >> i shall not have treated that reporter that way. and for that, i'm sorry mr. ben jacobs. i also want to apologize for the fox news team that was there and i'm sorry to each one of you that we had to go through this. that's not the person i am. and it's not the way i'll lead in this state. >> it's not clear right now what if anything impact the body slamming minute on the polls but many montana voters cast their ballot before the controversy. >> 9:05 is the time. checking the morning briefs. first up, president trump overseas trip this morning he's in sicily to attend the. good seven summit. it's the last stop on this week long trip. now today, owing he'll have dinner with his italian count part. then meet with us military members at a naval base in it italy. yesterday the president
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nato leaders and received a cool reception after using hispe mem- member nations to pay their share fair for defense. >> president trump's son-in-law jared kushner reportedly focus fbi investigation into the possible russian meddling in the election. investigators believe kushner has significant information that's relevant to the case but do not suspect they actually commit add crime. kushner has previously come under scrutiny because of two meeting he had last year with russian ambassador and a russian banker. another major blow for the president's immigration policy. fourth circuit court of appeals in richmond has blocked his executive order banning travel from 66 muslim majority countries. the judges said the order ill ooh elli targeted muslims. the department of justice is now pledging supreme court showdown over the travel ban but an appeal is not expected to be filed until aft the ninth circuit court of appeals in california issue its ruling on the ban. this next story is an odd one. rockville man accused of drawing and buying
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people he's facing charges of practicing medicine without license in the district. >> fox5's melanie alnwick is live from police headquarters in northwest this morning with more. mel, this is such an unsettling story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i did just talk to the d.c. department of health, and they are now having to launch their own investigation to see if there's any sort of health issue here related to this case. now, according to the d.c. police department report, when they went into this abandoned apartment they found vials of blood that were improperly stored. they found needles and they also found ledger with more than 200 names now apparently some people in the neighborhood heard of this opportunity so to speak through word of mouth. but we also were contacted by someone who says she responded to an ad on craigslist and the man in question actually came to her house. here's an ad like it it says it's offering cash for blood samples for a study on sinus and respiratory diseases, but dc police say that the man with the needles was doing so
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the woman told us that she actually developed a bloody rash on her arm after the draw. she says now she's worried about infection. she said she called the man because she's a senior citizen she doesn't have lot of money, and sometimes she would do this to try to help her out. now this is the man he plead not guilty in d.c. superior court. he's 43 years old. released yesterday on his own recognizance you can see him running away from tv crews trying to get answer from them him. to clock yesterday a police officer heard a group of people saying they were getting paid $30 to give blood inside an abandoned apartment at 70 p street it is public housing not far nationals park in southwest. he told officers that he works for company called boston b biosource he was authorized to draw blood. but the dc department of health says he's not a licensed medical professional in the district, and the apartment building is clear clearly not an approved medical facility. we're philadelphia there's often a lot of people hanging around
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>> just a long line. i don't know why they wanted people blood. it was weird to me, too. i ain't know what was going on really. i thought it was like a doctor or something that was doing it, but i think they saying it's a regular dude so i don't know. >> reporter: now according to the police report he toll them he collected blood from 40 people over the last two days. and officers who were responded there said that they recognized some of the people going in and out of that apartment as habitual drug users so that's where there's some concern about infection control, proper procedures there. we want to let you know we also did try to reach out to boston biosource company he said he work for online. they say their company that provides specimen such as tissue and blood for medical research. so far they have not responded to any of our inquiries. and he's due back in dc court in about a month. live at dc police headquarters, i'm melanie alnwick
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news. >> all right thanks mel. 9:09 right now. it is an annual salute to the men and women who serve. and made the ultimate sacrifice. we're talking about the national memorial day concert on the mall and this morning, show host joe mon taken ya he'll join us live. he has been a part of it for like 15 years, right? okay. he's also going to join us with moana star ali -- i'll work thon name she's going to join us. >> first though we're heading back to ellicott city for look at five must stops on your next trip to the maryland suburb. we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪♪ at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. >> what do you say we head back out to ellicott city now? >> let's do it. >> we got our -- the rest of our team is out there. we're talking about steve, allison and mike tom moss out and about. >> and bob barnard too. >> bob barnard is there as well. good morning. >> he is. bob -- >> hey. [ cheers and applause ] >> bob is checking out real estate deals. we if we want to stick around little bit longer than this morning. he's looking for deals. >> one of the great things we love to do with zip trips to show people just five easy places that they should go if they come here must stops to visit but w
9:14 am
local tour guide to help us>> hw >> you're a local guy. >> local guy. i live in columbia not too far away. i come here every now and again to grab some food. so many great places to eat. some -- it's so hard to choose just five. on any zip trip. >> you had the task of narrowing it down. >> we had to try. >> okay. we took a shot at it. so here we go. let's give it a shot. here are your five must stops you shall stop if you're coming to ellicott city, married. ♪ all right. let's get started with number five. the howard county historical society museum. home to hundreds of objects that tell the story of howard county from before european settlement up to recent events. their new exhibit tells the history of floods in ellicott city. ♪ >> including the one that hit last year. at number four, the manor hill tavern. occupying the historic taylors row in old ellicott city, this
9:15 am
menu including along with farm brewed beer from manor hill. dine surround beside original architectural elements such as exposed stone walls and barn doors. at number three, clarks farm. fun for the entire family enjoy treasures from the original enchanted forest. ♪ >> don't forget to stop by the petting farm. you can meet an emu and feed the goats. you can also take a ride on the cow train or enjoy one of the many slides. number two, patapsco valley state park extenting along 32 miles of the patapsco river with eight development recreation areas. take a bike ride on one of the many trails, hike to the serene water falls or swing across
9:16 am
swingientungre here. and finally, at number one, ellicott city's main street. founded in 1772, old ellicott city boasts the old defendant standing b and o railroad station. picturesque homes, historic sites, unique stops and distinctive dining. visit for the day or even the weekend. ♪ >> all great options. >> yeah. fantastic options. there's such so much we couldn't fit into those top five. manor hill tavern is fantastic. there's brewing company just up the street that brews their own beer. it's great out here one thing i will say if you want to come out and go to some of the restaurants lot of them on the smaller side. reservations are absolutely recommended. >> all right. i hear this is a place for cinco de mayo. >> la pam pa
9:17 am
>> la ne outdoor set up. good place to be. [ cheers and applause ] >> thanks for the insider tips. we're trying something new this year with zip trips. >> okay. >> we don't want to just show up in community be here for few hours and cut out some people like to spend longer time there. so we're taking a look at real estate options in various places we visit. >> i love it different price points i hope. >> different price point for everybody. at least some different ones. bob barnard is task width that right up main street from where we are right now talk a little bit about the real estate flavor of ellicott city. bob? >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. you come through at least the main street historic area and this is so charming i'd love to here or nearby joining suss richard frame with the better guards and home real estate. richard thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me, bob. >> owning a home is not inexpensive say you've got 250, $300,000. what could you get in this area? >> so ellicott city you'll find you'll be in that condo, townhouse market. 1500 squar
9:18 am
maybe -- maybe a fixer upper. on the small rancher size. >> we have one specific property i guess that's for ail sale right now at $300 range. >> 300,000 condo in the kingston garden. two bedroom, two bathroom 1630 square foot condo. >> all right. but still not bad. you've got half million. wouldn't that be nice, half a million to 600,000 that you can spend watch could you get for that? >> so in this price point you'll be looking at three bedroom three bathroom rancher, maybe split level, maybe a colonial with about half an acre worth of land that vick on that property. get a little bit of land with that and we have one we'll show you. that's three bedroom three bath 1900 square foot home. it's about half an acre as well. it's been remodeled, garage, upgraded kitchen and things such as that. >> if you can dig deep and come up with say
9:19 am
under that million dollar price point. what do you get for that. >> in that price point ellicott city you'll find that you'll get five bedrooms, five bathrooms, maybe pushing that sixth bed bedroom. you'll find that you'll get over an acre worth of planned. in some options you may fine that you'll find ones like we'll show you with two kitchens, two laundry rooms, and three master sweets. >> fairly new, right. >> fairly new. >> new construction. i guess the attraction richard if you're living in this he will coat city area you're not far from baltimore. >> you're not. >> not far from d.c. it took under an hour to get up here without traffic this morning from d.c. even from frederick maryland with i70 right here. i mean you could commute to a number of different places and live in this charming area. >> you can. you got easy commutes to baltimore, dc like you said frederick an bigger we find nsa, ft. meade very easy to get to in this local area as were. >> i think we'll go looking. >> richard, thanks very much. richard train from the better homes and garden real estate. guys, it's charming if you haven't been out
9:20 am
studio, come on out if you can at this point this memorial day weekend ellicott city is back and getting strong once again, guys. >> indeed it is. twos house with two laundry rooms come with two people to do the laundry? that's what i want to know. >> we'll do it for you. >> aww there you go. >> thank you both. >> time now 9:20. coming up later past and present colliding on the wonder woman red carp. we'll show you what happened when linda carter met gal gadot. erin what are you working on this morning. >> holly another arrest in manchester as police continue this morning to search for suspects there. we're going to have a lot more with your headlines as we continue. continue. bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from.
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>> we are giving you a whole lot of good news on this friday as we head into a holiday weekend. 9:23 is our time right now. in fact erin como is back with check of some of the other stories making had he lines today. >> first up a ninth man arrested as british police investigate the manchester arena bombing. they continue searching addresses associated with the bomber who killed 22 concert goers. at the same time newly released video purports to show suspect salman abedi putting trash bins outside his home. footage said to be from july of 2016. happening right now, funeral services for the bowie state university student who was stabbed to death at the university of maryland last weekend. this is a live look at the first
9:24 am
baptist church o arden. lieutenant richard kohl's lince ii will be end this morning. viewing began at 9:00. services start at 11:00. the number of alzheimer's related deaths as risen in recent decades up to as much as 55%. according to federal report released yesterday, the rise could be due to an aging population. better diagnosis and more doctors listing alzheimer's as cause of death. alzheimer's is a sixth leading cause of death in the us. facebook c he have o mark zuckerberg made his return to harvard yesterday. he spoke to the school's graduating class telling them it's up to their generation to create a purpose for today's world. sucker back crack jokes and poked fun at the fact he drop out of harvard and stressed the importance of caring for others and fighting inequality. and finally, there's moulin company king on the price is right and his name is ryan. you have to check this out. the 23-year-old man broke the game shows record. >> good luck
9:25 am
>> oh, my god! >> ahh! >> oh, my god! >> that's great. >> oh, my god. >> don't you lover his reaction to the 23 year old he broke the game show's record for popular game checking in over $31,000 for his winning. he hit the $10,000 slot three incredible times out of his five drops. oh, my goodness. his expression his excitement let's take that not memorial day weekend. >> i like to erin. i'm conv convinced minute compay rigged. >> i watched the show for years. i'm telling you you can put in that same spot it always lands in zero. annie doesn't believe it. >> i don't believe you. >> it looked like it was guided toward the center like it was supposed to go there. >> they wanted someone to win. there's a magnetic strip. >> yes. >> controlling it down the board or something. >> yes. >> i'm telling you. >> erin, thank you. >> i want to within $31,000.
9:26 am
>> maybe we can play plico. too. >> i'm telling you, erin. >> the bigger question do you think plinko is rigged. #gooddaydc. that's what we want to know. >> right? >> i still believe. this weekend the nation pay tribute to the men and women who fought and died for our country, and one of the ways the nation's capital honors memorial day with the annual concert at the capital. coming up host joe mantegna joins us live with a look what to expect f first though we'll head back out ellicott city we're kicking off a brand new segment called tucker tries it. since tucker is off today. mike is stepping up to the plate instead. rut row. we'll get a check on the holiday weekend forecast. right now it's 9:26. we will be right back. ♪ ♪♪
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>> zip tripping you like that song. >> i do. >> does it put in you zip trip mood. >> yeah. >> how about we check out some zip tripping because you know there's this new segment called tucker tries it. >> he tries everything. >> he tries everything. but so does mikey today. because tucker is not here. let's get out to mike and see what's going on. what are you trying in place of tucker barnes, mike? >> hey, wisdom. tucker will actual usually do this he's out of town i'll take over and see what we can do here. this is very well known gentleman
9:30 am
barry gibson. thank you for having us down here this morning. >> you're welcome. >> i got to compliment you that suit is fantastic. >> you're welcome. >> can i borrow it for the wither one day. >> absolutely. >> we're making bubbles, correct. >> that's correct. >> what's the secret to good bubble. >> the form l the formula has to be a thick formula to do big bubbles. >> technique at all or just -- no. when you're doing bigger bubbles you have to actually close the bubble off. the bubble -- it's an air bubble you want to close the bubble off at some point. so otherwise it will break on you. >> all right. you going to give us a little show? >> sure, sure. we get the bubble out of here. we're going to open. >> ooh. >> all right. all right. >> see. they're not supposed to break. good life tv everybody. [ laughter ] >> there we go. you can build the bubble up. see how i'm building the bubble up. >> you got bubbles in bubbles. >> yeah, see. >> incredible. you got a special pair of glasses for me. >> that's rht
9:31 am
glasses. >> all right. >> yeah. this will the experi experience. >> that's right. >> this is the therapy of bubbles. this is therapy of bushes. >> whoo! little bubble therapy. >> let's see it. let's see it. that is incredible. you can blow into the bubbles too. >> i'll give me a little try here. this is the dolphin bubble maker here. all about like slow and steady. >> there you go. little wrist -- >> maybe a little wrist in th there. >> don't have that tennis elbow though. >> how is that. >> that's great. >> better. >> fabulous. >> all right. >> get ready to do a bubble inside teach you how to do a bubble inside. >> bubble in a bubble. >> short spirts of air. >> okay. >> here you go. mike. right behind you. behind you. short bursts of air. >> i almost had it. >> you want to use the gun, mike. >> i might need to use the gun
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while we couldn't to do this tell me about your shop which is located downtown. >> it's a collectible shop down on main street we've been there over 30 years. and we have a little bit of everything. it's heirlooms of the past and heirlooms of the future. so come down and join us i do bubble demonstrations on saturday and sunday, you know, art of bubble making is very soothing and i call it very therapeutic. >> well i'll tell you it certainly is with these glasses on. a little trip pee i'll be totally honest with. [ laughter ] >> very very cool. >> thank you so much for joining us. i end with this catch weather your bubbles forget your troubles. there you go. >> all right g job, man. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much barry for coming out this morning. all right. i think i was successful tucker tries it with mike's edition. >> two thumbs up. >> good job, mike. >> i like it. i like it. >> that's impressive. >> we got to get gary to try it. >> no? >> if we'd had some
9:33 am
>> can you imagine how much fun we would have had in here if they would just brought some of that to us. >> hard to imagine more fun than we're having right now but, yes. >> you are correct, holly. clouds and showers this morning. things are getting better out there. but look big area of low pressure to the north of us that's bringing a couple of little stragglers back on the back side of that circulation. so that's why we at least leave a couple of little showers in the forecast for today. what we get now over the next eight, ten hours or so is not going to be a big deal. not really expecting thunderstorms today. that will be tomorrow. more thunderstorms cupping in tomorrow and as a matter of fact it looks like as we progress through the holiday weekend unfortunately there's a chance of thunderstorms in just about every afternoon and into the evening hours, too. looks like some of them tomorrow will be strong. 70 we're up to now. 63 gaithersburg. temperatures north and west in the 60s still 60s down to the south, too. we're going to warm the temperatures up. we'll head up to about 78 or 79 or so for an afternoon high temperature. how about your holiday weekend? i do expect there's a good possibility tomorrow for
9:34 am
strong thunderstorms. some of which could even become severe after 2:00 o'clock tomorrow and it looks like there may be a shower maybe a thunderstorm for the first part of the day too for the morning hours. not for everybody. definitely looks like the strongest of the thunderstorms come in tomorrow afternoon tomorrow evening. more hunter storms possible on sunday high temperatures 80. memorial day, yeah, another chance a few more storms possible. we're not looking at a wash out. or anything like that for the weekend just kind of a summertime trend coming our way. 71 at 11am. 75 at 2:00 o'clock today. 78 or so by 5:00 o'clock. winds will be kicking up basically out of the west at about five to 15 miles per hour at least we're changing the pattern a little bit. little bit warmer but again that in thunderstorms. guys, back over to you. >> i'll take it gary, thanks so much. 9:34 is our time right now. memorial day is of course a time to salute our servicemen and women and this sunday the eve of memorial day pbs will air
9:35 am
annual memorial day concert the concert has become an american tradition honoring the military service and sacrifice of all our men and women in uniform. every year there is a start studied lineup of performers and this year's list and concludes singer vanessa williams american idol winners scotty mccreery and singer renee' fleming just to name few. moana star ali will also be performing the national anthem. and actors joe mantegna and lawrence fishburne will be serving as co hosts. this morning joe and ali join us live to talk more about this annual tradition. good morning to both of you. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you good morning. >> so joe this has become a tradition in and of itself for you. 15 years or so in running? >> yeah, this is my 15th year at the concert, and it's really never gets old for me to tell you the truth. i still say it's the most important thing oy do of year. >> why do you say that? because, you know, i was reading interview with you and originally you said, probably for like many people
9:36 am
day wasn't really all that much to you. it was a long weekend a chance to barbecue, indy 500. >> that's right. well i have a lot of military in my family but everybody came back okay so i think memorial day was one of those things that got push back and almost like that was that holiday other people had more importance to them when i first did the concert 15 years ago that really changed it for me. really opened my eyes to how important this holiday is and how important we recognize that and understand that without the sacrifices these men and women since the beginning of our history in this country without the sacrifices they made we wouldn't have the country we have and so when i say it's the most important thing i do, it's because it's allowed me to live the wonderful life that i've had. that's why i just never want to forget that. the least i could do is to give back, you know, one weekend out of the year to -- to kind of thank those who have done so much f
9:37 am
>> right. we all get to do what we do because of who have made the sacrifice before us. so you're the vet. ali this is your first time, right? what are your expectations to be part of this event? >> oh, i'm so thrilled to be here. this is my first trip to d.c. so i am completely blown away with just about everything. i'm so honored to be taking part in the event and to meet joe man taken ya. [ laughter ] >> incredible so far. i'm really excited. >> i heard joe was equally as excited to meet you. i think you guys are a good pair. of course you're just two of the star-studded cast. joe, i know while the concert is a little bit always the same it's also always differ. what can we expect some of the highlights to be this year? >> you know, you're absolutely right. a lot of -- yes even know sometimes. that's what's great about it. we'll do dress rehearsal tomorrow and i'm always impressed by just how this combination of
9:38 am
together and creates this 90 minute program that will be moving, emotional n will be funny, that will be up lifting, that will be entertaining. it's all of those thing. so as you mentioned some of the talent we have plus you've got the national symphony orchestra, colin powell probably will be with us again. it's a cross second of musical acts and dramatic readings and i just encourage people to carve out like i say it's not asking much to take 90 minutes out of three day weekend to help you understand why we have this holiday. >> ali since this is your first time to d.c. what are you most excited to see while you're here? >> come on, don't make me ch choose. um, oh, i really can't say. just driving through i'm surprised by, first, the quiet cold right now. but it's also really green and it's remaining me of home. so if i can actually just get out of the hotel and walk
9:39 am
really happy. >> we don't quite boast the same weather as hawaii but we love it here. nonetheless. we get for good seasons. joe what would be your advice since you're veteran coming to the city or what's your favorite place to see. >> when we first sat down i was town ali i was pushing the smithsonian aero naught tick and space museum only because for the first museum you would go to in the city that i think is the kind of the first, you know, bang, wow, kind of museum when you walk in it just -- there's so much to look at. so visual. i think that's a good place to start. but there's so many places. the monuments. also, things at night, you know, going to lincoln memorial, vietnam wall, korean memorial, world war ii. washington at night is just as exciting as it is during the d day. >> there's spy museum. i can be a spy. >> and the spy museum. >> i kind of want to do that, too. >> done a little research. i like it thank you both again for what you're doing the time you're taking to help to salute our military heroes. we
9:40 am
you all have a wonderful memrial day while you're here in d.c. thank you holdly. >> you too. >> good advice there from joe. right? it's going to be live on pbs from the west lawn of the us capitol that's sunday may 28th and 8:00 o'clock at night. i think they're also going stream it live on facebook so you can watch it. this is always my best piece of advice for people that live in the area. go watch the dress rehearsal on saturday night. >> exactly. >> the exact same concert. less crowds. >> you get to see everything. so -- >> insider secret. >> insider tip. >> okay. our salute to heroes continues next because we are heading back out to ellicott city for a salute to the region's first responders who risk their lives to save others during last year's devastating foods. back with our zip trip after this. this.
9:41 am
9:42 am
9:43 am
>> all right. >> zip tripping in ellicott city this morning. our team is out there. we want to talk to allison seymour. now she's honoring some first responders. some people who are truly doing some amazing work. allison? >> wisdom you've got that right. we really wanted to kick off the -- this summer season of zip trips with this community here in ellicott city, maryland. because of all they've been through and how triumphantly they've come through the storm literally and figuratively. main street looks gorgeous now about 90% recovered from the devastating flood back in last july and we a
9:44 am
first responders friday to welcome to the broadcast this is captain john, the howard county department of fire and rescue services and some of your finest with us this morning. good morning to you. >> good morning to you allison. >> quite a different scene from last july from where we are standing and really the most of the devastation i understand was a little bit further down main street. but you can see some of the remnants i guess of what happened here. take us back to that friday. >> i think the biggest thing that i look back on is everyone focuses on the water because that was a principal component but we got here that night, we were faced with a significant gas leak. we were faced with compromised structures that are built many, many years ago from heavy timber style construction. >> right. >> we had hazardous material incident. compromised structures in addition to the water component that of course gains a lot of attention. >> over the course of the storm, we had three deaths as well. there's a real human compont
9:45 am
>> there is. i've struggled with how that the response was professional and personal. but truly was. i can tell you our folks for the special operations team are cross trained when we got here, like i mentioned we were faced with a situation that spanned multiple disciplines our guys have trained for this event. so it was a professional response. i honestly feel that but on the same token there's human attached to this pretty significantly. >> that's personal. oversee all of the operations as far as the special operations. >> i'm the assistant team leader but i was working that night and was on the scene with those guys and we kind of worked hand in hand with our match wal aid counterparts to kind of triage the incident don the greatest good for the greatest number of people. >> how difficult was this job, captain, on the scale from one to ten in a community like this? >> cliches aside we train for it. so from a community standpoint i think the long lasting effects we were here for months after the initial incident providing safety oversight and overa
9:46 am
but it pooled everybody our guys but on the same token it was professional and personal type of response. >> so when the hash tag ec strong i mean that really means something to you. >> it does. i don't even live in ellicott city. >> right. >> so it absolutely does. >> tell us where we are now. i said 90% recovered. tell us where we are as far as structurally getting all the pipeline, the gas together and where are we now? > we are about a quarter mile upstream if you will from the patapsco river which was the major conduit of where the 26 vehicles we located in the river were swept downstream. >> right. >> we found vehicles that were l point. >> unbelievable. >> that got suck into the river. >> right. >> little bit down from here is where we encountered the failure in the road with the significant gas leak and as we get closer and closer to the patapsco river as main street makes those turns where we saw the significant am
9:47 am
no those structures because when the river was going down and busted hard left to right it kept going straight. >> how we doing day in ellicott city. >> we're doing fantastic. >> yes. >> almost a year after and this place looks almost as good as new and probably somewhat argue little bit better. >> we appreciate all that do you. all that you do. all the time and especially in the most horrific of situations. this is just a small token from us to you just to say thank you and thanks for being with us today. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thanks for bringing this. this is memorial day day. it's appropriate. it is appropriate. >> captain, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay. back to you guys. >> hero, real hero. >> indeed they are. congratulate them for us as well, al. >> 9:47 is the time. we are taking a culinary tour of ellicott city all morning long as well. and coming up next, steve chenevey cracking some cold ones a little bit early. >> steve an beer? >> this is not breaking news. steve chenevey and some cold ones. we'll head out to the ellicott city
9:48 am
next. although that's not a cold one.. >> that's because steve has it. >> there's a cold stuff. >> there it is. ♪ bassett is unique in regards to that customability. you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier. you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. packed with flavor, one hero was on a mission to save snack time. watch babybel in the great snack rescue. you want a piece of me? good, i'm delicious. creamy, delicious, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger.
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♪ >> is that bob barnard. >> yes. >> that is his dream right there. yes we're including you, bob. [ laughter ] >> having fun with bubbles out there in ellicott city main street. one of the demonstrations. tucker was supposed to try that but since he's not there mike thomas did. did an amazing job. >> yes, did he. >> we are back to ellicott city with our zip trip crew for a taste of ellicott city. a lot of restaurants were damaged and building back up. now we'll taste some of the fruits of their laib if you will. steve chenevey out in ellicott city with the brewing company right, steve? >> ut-oh. >> know, we can't hear him. >> steve, turn your mike on. >> may not be steve's fault. >> okay. clearly we're having an audio issue. >> audio. >> gremlins in the system.
9:52 am
talk. okay? >> on the left, there's some beer. >> can you guys hear me. >> there you go, steve. >> yes, no, maybe so. >> yes, yes. >> how about throwing me another mike k we do that. >> you're good, steve. >> we hear you. >> you're good. >> oh you can hear me now. awesome. >> life tv just amazing. you just go through it just like what everybody in ellicott city had to go through last year. and july 30th flood waters came down here. you guys are directly across the street from we are right now. we're closer to the top of the hit but you got hit hard, didn't you. >> it was the rivers that came up here. >> came up every. >> the river runs right underneath our building over there. and comes up underneath. so when it rose, it rose everywhere that entire parking lot was full. we had basement full of water. we lost most of our mechanical and electrical. we had row plum just about everything our gas lines. so it was took about three months to get back open. >> you had to actually shut everything down for thee months before you were able to open again. >> yeah. you've been here 20 yrs
9:53 am
in the rd bumps. pretty resilient town. >> still going strong. i love the fact that you're right across the street. you're doing food and brewing your own beers as well. let's talk about the food. i saw the sausages and you're like, yeah, but we do a little bit of everything. >> we do chef my business partner he grew up in mississippi we do a lot of cajun stuff arc lot of seafood. he does sushi. rick is a big fisherman and huge sushi freak so it's all sushi grade. all our tuna products. we do hand stuffed sausages and venison sausage. sausage that's infused with blueberries and merlot and pork. that's a bacon sausage tastes just like bacon much that's our german brat and screener burst. all beef sausage. this is our bacon on a bone a smoked pork chop. it tastes like bacon much it's delish. >> i'm sensing a trend here which is
9:54 am
>> s castle rib. the rib kin because, baltimore. >> writ down the road. >> we call this the ball plus more. it's a blt with a crabcake so we kind of play on the words of ball plus more and there's avocado in there which gives us the edge. >> that makes it healthier, too. putputting the crabcake on the . this is the bread and butter because you can't have a brewing company without the beer. >> absolutely. >> i know you work on some brews for the summer as well. what did you bring here today. >> i have our done kell. probably our most metal beer. >> this is one you have year round. >> yes. one we have year round. we're emphatically central european german we do english pale ails, american ails andism pa's that's german dark. that's little roast to it, little coffee underneath. get that. that's lager beer. >> i like that. we typically do a taste of ellicott city. we'll do a sip of ellicott city. this is march
9:55 am
principle back. we do more back styles than anybody in the country double malted takes twice as long make. very sweet, easy going beer. >> real light, too. >> this is our probably our most popular beer this is the martin, and these are growlers. >> i'll drink it route out of the growler. >> you can do that if you want we'll give you one of these oktoberfest -- >> if you give me enough of that bach i might do that. >> similar to march back. it's a little lighter in alcohol and taste but nice seethe easy going beer. >> come down to ellicott city and check it out. you can see the 20th anniversary sign across the street on the front of the restaurant. off big party coming up. >> june 5th, monday june 5th we have the booze hounds and mark kiss key and sours will be playing, and we're having a huge 20th anniversary bash. we'll have some beer tastings and free food out and it will be a lot of fun and we invite everybody to come down. >> life music, free food, beer ta
9:56 am
with that there's the place right across the street. you can't miss it. elliot mills brewing company. come down and say hi to tim and the rest of the guys. good music, that's his cute little daughter playing with bubbles all morning long. she'll be out here the rest of the morning with us. >> cheers! >> cheers to you all. >> all right. more zip trip on the way today because our crew is there on main street as you saw they've got more from ellicott city coming up. >> we've got the wonder woman red carpet. you know what, old meets new. on the red -- >> y. >> gal gadot and linda carter meet up we'll see what happens. i'm just saying. >> how about this? how about a little mug give away. >> okay. >> let's do that. >> right now. there's the mug. it's coffee time on good day dc. if you you've been eyeing that cal good day good you today mug guess what there's one right there on the screen you can have it. you know what you got to do? how about this? how about we roll the prompter first. yeah. and some music. go to fox5
9:57 am
our facebook page at www d.c. to enter our mug contest one lucky winner selected by random drawing but hurry you only have from now until 11am to enter. 9:57 is the time. good day coming back right after this. >> it's been a good day. >> it's a good day. ♪ ♪ pro-tip for making ribs: don't go it alone. get these great smoked ribs. thanks. sure. twenty minutes on the grill. and they're done. you think he cares if i smoke ribs for six hours?
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♪ we kick off our zip trip season in grand style. live from ellicott city. a year after the devastating floods we find a communiti' as mazing come back. don't miss this life tv event. >> life back here in the lot of jay-z's nephew, carter in town and looking for hot new talent what you need
10:01 am
tenning at 10a, your holiday weekend forecast. so will it be a memorable one? let's do this in three, two, one. the 10a starts right now. ♪ all right. >> good morning. >> from beautiful ellicott city the city of ellicott city is awaken. why do i keep saying it. it's not incorporated. >> it's called ellicott city. >> i know. >> there's so many facts to learn. >> here's what i did fine out. traffic starts to pick up 10:30:10 o'clock in ellicott city. >> most definitely. >> i love that. >> i love it too. >> small town vibe. people walking their dogs. getting that cup of coffee. >> who do you encounter, the fox5 news morning good day crew. >> they're all swerving off the road. seeing the beer and the cooking and the fire trucks. >> it's all good stuff. >> stop by and say high. >> we'll be here for the next hour. >> a lot of good stuff coming up. >> finally we got rid of the shower
10:02 am
like it 15 degrees seasons we got here. it's much nicer out here today. pretty nice day today. quick tease for your holiday weekend if you're heading out you'll have to dodge showers and thunderstorms kind of each day. none of them are a washout. panic over anything. but just watch out for hit and miss showers and storms in the afternoon sunshine back next week. 80s co coming your way this weekend. >> we talk so much about the flood last july here in ellicott city. bob you covered it extensively coming up this hour we have a very special hour for hook who played a huge role making sure people were safe during the flood. >> incredible. incredible bravery, jumping into action, mind, body and soul and then a woman is a alive. i dare say today because of his actions. >> captured on camera. you see it happening. you see him risking his life to save hers right here on this street. >> we'll have the hometown hero of course he gets the hometown hero under statement of the year. >> much more coming up on good day at
10:03 am
in the meantime we'll send it back in to the loft. >> sounds g looking good and a good time out there. per peck way to kick off the holiday weekend. we're glad that you are doing that as well. staying with us. i'm holly morris alongside of maureen, wisdom and annie. >> hello. >> all right. everybody, we're heading back out to ellicott city in just a few minutes. first, though, we want to check what's making headlines here and around the world this morning for that turn it over to erin como. good morning to you. >> good morning maureen and good morning to all of you as well. this morning, president trump is in the midst of the final leg of his overseas trip. he's in sicily attending the g7 summit. president trump will conclude his overseas trip by having dinner with the president of italy and then meeting with u.s. military members at naval base in italy. happening right now at the naval cad knee annapolis maryland vice-president mike pence set to deliver the keynote address to this year's graduating class. ceremony is taking place at the navy marine force stadium. officials at the zoo the national zoo have artificially inseminated giant
10:04 am
xiang. earlier this week the sue announced 18-year-old female panda was showing signs of being in heat. scientists from china traveled to hem with the breeding pro process. now researchers just have to wait to determine if she is in fact pregnant. so exciting news from the zoo there. the stanley cup is finally officially set pittsburgh fenn begins taking on the national predators the game seven of the nhl eastern conference finals was last night. the penguins against the ottawa senators both teams bringing their a game. match it went into double overtime. but the penguins managed to come out on top. game one of final is monday. i'm excited to see that game. turning now to the nba playoffs. game five of the eastern conference finals. lebron james and the cavaliers looking to close out boston. the cavs dominated this one from the start. james finished with thrive points. and in the process became the nba all time play off scoring leader he leading passing michael jordan. cleveland embarrasses
10:05 am
135-102 final. the cavs will face golden state for the third straight year in the nba finals. game one is thursday night in oakland. so big news in the world of hockey and basketball. i know wisdom was excited earlier this morning about that news. >> i can't wait to see this. >> you are. >> this is the matchup -- it's not surprise. >> they are every year now. >> three years in row. >> that's every year. >> the difference is kevin durant is on golden state now. that changes the dynamic and shifts it towards golden state. >> who is going do win. >> golden state is going to win in six. >> who does the nba want to win. >> holly there's no fixing. >> you think plinko is rig. i think it's nba is fixed. >> there's no fixing in pro sports. it's all legit. >> it is golden state this year. >> cleveland wouldn't last year. >> they added kevin durant they added an mvp to their roster now they have 2mvp's versus 1mvp. that's all i'm saying. >> lebron is like 2mvp'. >> he's like
10:06 am
>> i will say this. i will say this about clevelandt times much the year before they got they were a lottery team. they added lebron james with pretty much the same bunch of dudes, and now they're in the championship three times in a r. >> one person can make a difference. >> who benefits the nba the most. >> kevin durant and steph curry. >> golden state wins. >> and go predators. >> by the way. >> hey -- that's who i want to win the stanley cup. >> i'm with that, too. >> first time there. i'm with the predators, yeah. did i physical you i used to live in nashville. talk about that later. let's talk about steve and allison right now they have today's hometown hero. something far more important than what we're talking about right here. >> than our chitchat. [ lughter ] >> same bunch of dudes, though. same bunch of dudes out here too. bob is with us as well. >> listen, cavaliers life saving for the people of cleveland nom doubt about that. >> absolutely. >> we're literally talking about life saving here. >> we sure are. we have the distinct pleasure to sit with a real
10:07 am
this is segment we love when we do zip trips it's called the hometown hero and today we're sitting with jason barnes. good morning. >> good morning all. how you guys doing. >> i'm in awe. bob, you know, you covered these stories and hopefully we have this video. do you want to set this up a little bit? >> sure this was that saturday night, you know, the nine, 10:0y night. people out having a nice time. all of a sudden this rainstorm came. and so much rain was dumped in such a short period of time. main street literally flooded and people having dinner looking out the window and seeing cars being washed down the road and some people decided we got to do something about it because there were people in some of those cars. jason is one of those people. >> jason being honored and actually being honored by one of the top organizations in the country when it comes to the carnegie heroes the only one out of a handful that were pick this year from the dc maryland or virginia area to get this honor for your quick action that you had on that night. you churchly part human chain you broke you off from the human chain to pull somebody out of their vehicle, get them out of that flood water. tell it i
10:08 am
through your mind that night, what was happening. >> it was a lot to take in. i don't know if i was clearly thinking. at all or whatnot. i've just -- so much was going on. so many events and, you know, when i saw someone riding down the road kind of stuck in their little car felt i could do something to help this situation. didn't think it would be pan out the way it did, but, you know, everyone got safe and eventually was able to get dry. >> jason, one thing to see something happen. it's another thing to literally step in to a raging river of water going down the street to try to help somebody else. did you even think about that? >> no. not too much. it was just there was someone who i could help at the moment. i just wanted to give it my best shot to do something. >> when did you know because you went in and we see the video. kind of lost your foot ago little bit. were you worried at that moment that you'd bitten off more than you could chew. >> for a split second. once, i got down a few feet while sliding boot flew off and was able to roll back out, but as sn
10:09 am
>> jason --to do what we can >> you literally -- bob he's really under selling this. >> yes. i mean you could have died. literally could have been swept away and died yourself. we didn't set this up. i see a ring on your finger. did your family say whoa, dad, yo husband, what were you thinking? you could have left us? >> when they first saw the video, i mean my wife told me never dodd it again. [ laughter ] >> my four-year-old daughter at the time, she was very clear to follow my wife's steps and tell me never to do it again. >> no, daddy! >> at that moment, you were like i got to do something. >> yeah. seemed like the decent thing to do. i mean i didn't think it was anything special. you just see someone to help you got to reach out when you can. >> you had to physically have her and then fight that current to get back up. how does this end for you and jamie that night? >> um, basically, yeah, once i was able to get to the car i was able to grab her and hand her over to johnny next to me in the chain and then we were able to pull each other back up into the stoop and then once we were there, we
10:10 am
water started receding as quickly as they came ias in shock of what really transpired because the waters. >> you're being modest on that note you mentioned boot came off barely foot on the there. you got banked around pretty good and i don't your legs and everything else what was that like for you. >> took a couple of days to recoup. moo hands got kind of torn up from trying to grab on to the brick ground. my feet took some damage from the bricks hitting them going back out. but some cuts and scrapes but i think i walk away pretty lu luckily. not too much. nothing broken. but took a moment to just heal up a little bit and then get back to work. >> the woman you saved that night, jamie knight, 29 years old at the time, have you ever spoken to her since? >> yeah. we talk usually about once a month or so. >> yeah. we run into each other in town. >> you're her godfather now. [ laughter ] >> right. we shall all be so lucky actually. >> jason, you're a carnegie hero now. you'll get a medal i know you
10:11 am
presentation when that announced them less than two months ago you would be a recipient of this much that's going to go your big presentation. that's the he is teamed honor we want to give you something we give out hometown hero award every zip trip. jason barnes the first one for 2017. >> thank you. >> a lot of times somebody who helps out in the community you're a true lifesaver and one of the few life savers we get a chance to honor this way. thank you. very humble -- >> pleasure to meet you. >> thank you it's an honor. >> you did went above and beyond and proved it for the people of ellicott city. >> thank you. >> we need more people like jason barnes in the world that is for sure. >> all right. >> it's okay to tell your wife and daughter about this. [ laughter ] >> take the price off the frame first. any way, that's it out here. amazing story. real life story right here in ellicott city, maryland, guys. >> thank you. absolutely. fantastic. >> thanks, guys. wouldn't woman times two coming up next we'll take to you the red carpet for the new super hero movie which feature also an eastern from the original. >> f
10:12 am
with out junior reporter for a look what else is comin good morning. >> good morning. i want do introduce to a very special someone. take it away. >> hi i'm liam rogers and i'm today's fox5 zip trip junior reporter. much more coming up inn clueing wine, wings, our hometown and jay-z's nephew. >> excellent guys. we'll be back with the junior reporter coming up in just a bit. we'll be back after this break.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> 10:15 it's time to check what's trending this morning. annie what you got. >> first up, girl power hollywood rolled out red carpet for the world premier of wonder woman last night. of course, the original super gallon herself linda carter was there. she looks really good. she played the roll on tv back in the '70's and what's better than one wonder woman, how about two? linda carter and current wonder woman gal gadot posed to go for red carpet picture. i'm sorry did you mean to say linda carter friend of good day d.c. >> yeah. >> she looks good. >> i was not here the day she was here. i saw the pictures. she looked fantastic. >> she looks as amazing in person as she does in those pictures. >> lots of peel likely check out the f
10:16 am
next friday but one showing is already stirring snteversy. a texas theater is planning a women's only screening of wonder woman on june 6th the idea so celebrate the most iconic super hero there is in addition only female employees will be working at the theater that night. but some guys aren't too please were it this idea calling it tacky and they're saying it's wrong. >> i think they're taking it way too seriously. >> they're kind of right. taking it seriously but they're right. >> it's just a fun little -- girl power. >> girls only. >> first time. >> it is but i'm not surprised by the controversy. in this day and age -- >> i'm in the pride by the controversy but i think it's ridiculous personally. guys, if you want to have a guy screening of whatever testosterone film movie you want to -- >> more power to it. >> knock yourself. i'm okay with it. >> fast and furious. >> you can fast and furious weekend won one through 92. you need more than more than one weekend for that. >> come on people.
10:17 am
olympic g nking aim at male tsae made rude and sexist comment about her appearance as she went through airport security she recounted her experience on twitter. the two agents both male and female commented on her biceps. the lady she knew ali was a gymnast by her by septembers. the male agent says i don't see any muscles. she work hard to be fit and was annoyed that the man thought he could up? her arms. she added, i'm so sick of this judgmental generation. >> i'm with you. >> it's just -- i mean -- >> here's the thing. >> really? >> here's the thing. people talk about people they've been doing that forever. >> right. >> why is it all of a sudden -- i don't get the whole sensitivity to the whole -- >> why so thin skinned. >> come on. who cares? people don't like other people. and they don't need a reason to not like other people. >> he probably just made a comment he thought was funny in regard to her biceps. >> we don't k
10:18 am
eight joke? we they laughing ry hard. i understand why she was of a phoned. >> i can see where she was offended. life is offensive. you're going to be offensed. either going to roll with it or you're going to make an issue over everything. and i think now that we have social media and people can instantly put something out there i mean there's also something to be said for just dealing with it. >> right. >> just move on. >> i mean it's not like he did personal and called her, you know, inappropriate name or anything like that. i'm not saying -- you have a right to be offense beside whatever you want to be offensed by. that's all i'm saying. >> you'll be offended. >> you will be -- >> life lesson you'll be offended. you have to choose how you're going to deal with it. good right. >> thank you, mo. >> i'm with you. >> i'm offend beside that tweet. >> deal with it! [ laughter ] >> we're not offended by our zip trip team. >> never. never ever. >> look how wonderful they are highlighting ellicott city. historic place to be. and some of the wonderful people that make it so unique and amazg
10:19 am
>> hey. i mean this just how beautiful it is could like bring people in just on the virtue of that alone but there are people working hard to make sure that ellicott city remains a go to destination. not just for people who live here, of course, looking for a restaurant on saturday or friday but for folks from other areas and amanda hoff is with visit howard county and she's leading the charge along with others in the office for making sure ellicott city remains a destination, right? >> absolutely. our entire team is dedicated to the recovery of old he will cot city. we've been working with the businesses here. we've been able to deploy some digital tools. we created a website for ellicott city holidays. is that after the flooding or since the flooding. >> that was aft the flooding. after the flooding, at the time of the flood when we couldn't even be here, our visit howard website was a resource for all the people who wanted to know what was going on and how to help,
10:20 am
go to, where to make dions to, so that was in the early stages, and then in november we hosted the grand reopening of ellicott city where many of the businesses were ready to open their doors again. we had thousands of people here. >> that's awesome. >> to celebrate and shop and dine for the day. kick off the holiday season. >> um-hmm. >> we're marking efforts have really ramped up to promote events like midnight madness,. >> movie outside. >> movie nights. >> on the weekends. >> it's amazing. even where we're standing right now when you down the hill and we saw people running in and out of the businesses all morning long and you see how have i bran it is now. but you work here, too. when that flood happened, were you just thinking, that goes my town? oh my goodness what's happening. >> we were think wagon can we do to bring it back? all of the favorites are back now. we've got dozens of new shops here. all kinds of great new products. food, you
10:21 am
you're going to have an awesome experience when city. >> brag on some of the unique buresineere. we had the bubble man from one of the shops here. >> variety shop. >> where are you going to find. >> you're going to find a plethora of artisan products. we've got artwork. handmade goods for your home and your kitchen. all kinds of tastes that will delight the senses. great restaurants. all of our restaurants are back. we've got some new on the way. >> beautiful. >> all right. >> i'll tell you. there's place up the road called the wine bin. i'm going to sample that when we come back. >> you are. >> wow. >> more sip from ellicott city after this on good day. ♪
10:22 am
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♪ all right. welcome back to historic ellicott city, maryland. we're enjoying our first zip trip of the 2017 summer season. thank to you everybody who has been out so far including this guy. this is our junior reporter for the day. this is liam rogers. leanne, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> all right. i'm going to start asking i was few questions and then we'll switch around here. tell me, how old are you?& >> i'm ten years old. >> and what elementary school do you go to. >> waterloo elementary school. >> anybody you want to give a shout out atwater loo. >> my teacher miss eaton and my friends in class. >> all right. there you go. shout out to everybody at liam's
10:25 am
class atwater loo elementary school. all right.e. >> yeah. >> what's your favorite kind of musical or favorite musical you've seen? >> ooh. >> tough one, huh. >> yeah. in tough hard hitting questions that reporters need to x. >> i'd have to say the adams family. >> i haven't seen that one. go one. that's good choice. all right. liam tell mow little bit about, say, the flood. because you said you actually live right over here. was it scary when the flood hit. >> i wasn't here. i was in bend, oregon. >> you were in oregon still. >> all right. let's flip it around you're the junior reporter today. i'm on the hot seat. ask me whatever you want. >> um, what was the moment you were most scared? >> the moment i was moved scared? i'd have to say i was believe or not a car wreck when i was in college. i kind of spun out in a snowstorm and it was really scary. i wasn't hurt but it was a very scary experience for me.
10:26 am
your life? my grandfather several years back. these are hard hitting questions. we lost my grandfather a few years back and that was a very hard time for me. >> what was your favorite subject in school? >> meteorology my favorite subject in college but growing up my favorite thing was actually history. >> if you can go to any fast food restaurant what would it be? >> ship pottily. [ laughter ] >> what's your favorite fast food restaurant? >> um, mcdonald's. >> hey, happy meal. >> yeah. >> all right. so liam, i guess final question for you, let's see. i need it to be good one. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i would like to be an engineer. >> an engineer. tough profession. you willing to work hard for it. >> yup. >> do you think yourself maybe engineering doesn't work out being on tv? >> yes. >> all right. good. i
10:27 am
here. great interview, liam. thank you for joining us. one more job to do. i need to you say, thank you guys. live from ellicott city, back to you. >> thank you, guys, live from ellicott city. back to you. >> aww. >> great job. [ applause ] >> bravo. >> in all of our zip trips i think you might be the best junior reporter we've ever had. >> i think so too. >> mike thomas better watch out. >> um-hmm. >> he's taking wisdom's job. >> he's taking your job, wisdom. >> there you go. >> he asked good questions. >> soul searching questions. >> trying to pull the emotion ross it. >> i'm not sure you ever go to that deep. >> i don't go deep. i'm a surface guy guy. surface only. >> i loved him. >> continuing with our zip tr trips. memorial day weekend packed with signs of summer. but this morning we're talking about the sounds of summer. a local music showcase taking place this weekend coming up later, we're sitting down with the host tony reds and one of the special guests jay-z's nephew roll carter. can i get a wawa. we'll kick off a
10:28 am
trip segment withome help from buffalo wild wings. yes. we'll check in with allison and steve for a hometown team honor that's coming up next. 10:27 is our time. you're watching the number one good day at 10a. ♪ havertys furniture helps your home look perfect, even when life isn't. and now with our memorial day sale - get free delivery -- -- save big on our most popular living room, dining room and bedroom sets.
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the memorial day sale at havertys. life looks good.
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♪ one of the best things about the zip trip is that we get to go see people's homes. their hometown, right? we get
10:31 am
and that's why we have these hoy maryland t shirts. aren't they super fun. >> fun. >> this is from danielle zen these to the studio. she has a store called junk girl. >> i love it. >> junk girl right there on main street. you can go and check out her wears and celebrate the hom hometown. >> she zen enough t shirts for everyone. no one fight holly for that one. we got plenty more. >> all right. let's head back out to allison seymour. she's there in ellicott city honoring one of our hometown teens -- tools rather i shall say. good morning again. allison? >> maureen, it's actually teams with an s today because it's a very special and talk about the power of a t-shirt. we'll learn how far t shirt money can really go when we honor two of the teams here. first of all thanks for coming out. >> young people from different teams we'll tell you what it is all about. this is lindsay the girls lacrosse coach from mount hebron and you decid
10:32 am
thing. you have and you said let's make t-shirts that benefit our hometown ellicott city. tell us where did you get the idea and how successful was it. >> truthfully i have to give credit to the coach amanda brady she messaged me mentioned they previously they came together to raise money for various charity important to both of the teams and with the recent floods this past summer it was a no brainer that that was a great cause for to us really rally behind. >> i love it. it's your school mount hebron the other rifle school is -- >> maris rich. >> the guys have come out to support. this is all girls effort, right. >> no it was a joint effort. >> okay. >> we kind of came together were our jayvee team thursday night and varsity played on friday night. >> it seem like perfect opportunity to support such a great cause. >> i love it. these are the t shirts. >> yes. >> i like them very much. so you have a presentation to one of the organizations here i
10:33 am
toal going to be getting the pro proceeds. >> absolutely. >> we should say this whole segment is sponsored buyer buffalo wild wings and that's why buffalo wild wings is here with us today. [ applause ] >> also this is the owner of a shop called custom imprint. you donated the -- you're shaking your head no. >> we made you the owner today, sir. your company donated the shirts. that's awesome. thank you for that. >> you're welcome. we want to do help. i've been working with lindsay for few years. she asked me for the help and we were glad to do it. >> how many t-shirts did you principal? do you remember? >> over a hundred. >> over a hundred. okay. and so now this is maureen sweeney smith with the ellicott city partnership. how far will money goss to help really get ellicott city back up and running 100%? >> well, we call it getting ellicott city back on its street, and the community has been extremely generous and we've been able to raise
10:34 am
the property owners, the businesses are and the resi residents. and, um, we're continuing to accept donations ellicott city >> okay. you got little bit more to go, right. >> we do. we do. there's always need. we're trying to do the marketing to get people to ellicott city and it's a new improved ellicott city. we're really excited and it takes money to do all of this. >> speaking of which, let me come on over here. and to do this. how much money were you able to raise to donate. >> we raised $558 this season. >> yeah. >> thank you very much. >> and thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> it's not one of those super huge. if it is a super huge -- >> super huge -- lindsay grab this other side. this is what i'm talking about. >> the city, he will account city coming together. >> all right. thank you ladies. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> back to you. >> this is what ellicott city is, guys. [ applause ]
10:35 am
>> we love it. thank you allison. so there's no denying that the dnv is full of talented musicians, right? this weekend some local musicians will be showcasing their talents in front of some really big names at the sounds of the summer event. the event will feature local performers the row lease of a documentary and a music compilation and that is just the start. there also be a host of industry panelists including wpg cdc flax and judgment see's rev few a who serves as coordinator for rock nation. this morning radio and event host tony reds joins us live in the loft along with rel carter and many doubt reproduce sorry travis house to dash about the even. good morning to all three of us. >> good morning. >> tony let's start us with you. tell us about this particular event sounds of the summer. what is it? >> we're looking for artists from the local area that we are trying to put on national platform. and we just want to look for rappers, singers, i mean i don't care what you do, as long as you got an art form that you can perform that's what we're looking for. >> what do have to do to be
10:36 am
of this, summit the music. >> have a nice on the radio. >> you're with rock nation. you can get any bigger than that these days. what do you do when they're appearing on this are you signing them right away, they have the potential to be signed right away? >> i don't think we're signing them right away. it's a process of actually, you know, listening to the music, because anybody can make one good song. so we are in the business of building artists. not just a guy that just can make one song. so they make good song it's a dope song we'll sit with them and figure out what else -- what other type of music they have. and take from it there. >> what is it -- what's the hardest part people need to know about this process. the a lot people i have talent automatically i shall be able to make this happen. what do you think people need to know these artists performers need to know about this process? >> i think the most part that they have the trouble with is they say who is hot now. so they want to sound like them instead of just sunning
10:37 am
themselves. >> yeah. >> they be i sun like this make a song that sound like that work for little uzi it doesn't work for everybody. >> we're having 99 people sun like future k someone sound different. >> there you go. >> just one person. there's a documenary as spec to this, too. tell me about that. >> yes. so as a born and raised d.c. native i've seen like the culture, that the dmv has been able to prosper, and i fell like this was a great opportunity to just say, you know what, i just want to go ahead and show the experience and show some of the people who have great influence in radio and even just locally being able to open the avenues for artists to say hey i just want to have a platform to perform. >> we're seeing some of this documentary. where was this shot? >> it's shot over the span of maybe two or three years. but primarily this year. particularly in dc this is tony reds of course just being able to have the chance to speak with radio and also people like one love massive and even dj flex as well whose had such an influence, so
10:38 am
a chance to talk to everyone and get their did you have avenues for a great experience. >> this sounds like a movement much this is not just a one-time thing. it's a movement. >> right. you go the to think. being born and raised in this area, when i went on tour because i was former artist and you visited all these other cities you would go to these cities and you would listen on the radio and be like, they're playing their local artists there. who is that artist? whenever i, got on the radio myself i said i would play have a platform for local artists to play their music. >> can you say some of the performers who are going to be. >> we have devon white will perform. also, patrice lab will be performing wild with rah the list goes on. they'll all be in the building. >> and for you, rel, why do you think this is so important? >> um, because i feel like it's so many cities have talented artists and they just don't have the right connections. >> the eitzen new, right. >> they don't ninety seven each other. good so i feel like a lot of artists they're good they need collaborators and i
10:39 am
something like this that only has d.c. artists allows these artists to meet each other and potentially work together. >> all right. i'll let you have the last word on the sounds of the summer. >> yeah. i think sounds of the summer is a great experience. because i feel like so often we say we want to have the dmv together but i feel like we have to always encourage that. because it's so easy to work individually and say all right we got this. we got this but we have to -- we have to start encouraging that we're all going to come together. we're all going to all support one another because it's so easy to just say i got it on my own. >> i can't let you go without talking about jay-z and beyonce' you are related to jay-z. >> somewhat. >> isn't what. are you going to tell us about any future plans for a tour or album. >> i'm not going to tell you guys anything. >> come on. >> you guys got to wait and see. >> okay. but there you are in the picture with them. what's your graduation? my college graduation. >> okay. >> so this is like, look, my proximity here to be. oh, my gosh. th
10:40 am
i wish you guys luck with these. the event is -- >> tomorrow. >> tomorrow. what time and how can people just -- five to nip 30:00. there's the address for information there you can go to the website making it happen. sounds of the summer. three heavyweights making sure this is going to be a success. if this is an artist don't miss it. >> i'm curious when are the twins due. >> tell us that and how they're doing. >> if you want to drop some something. >> two boys, two girls. >> boy an girl. >> names. >> ya'll know better than me. [ laughter ] >> we're going to put you guys to the task forgetting the info. >> i'll try. >> all right. guys. thanks a will the much back over to you. >> zip trip are the perfect chance to start the weekend early and this morning allison and steve already popping bottles this early in the morning. love it. we'll check in with them live at the wine bin that's coming up next. next.
10:41 am
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ >> hey. the crew is hopping today. lee is working. jeff is working it takes lot to pull all of this off. >> it does. >> absolutely that's why we up a say it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere. >> yes. >> indeed it is. and today it happens to be in ellicott city where our zip trip crew is abo
10:44 am
the tastes of ellicott city. hey, good morning again to you steve. >> yesterday was national wine day. and so we maybe a day late i think like you said it's 5:00 o'clock somewhere and of day should be national wine day. this is dave carney he run the wine bin just a couple guys sit aig round with empty wine glasses it will be your job in minute to change that. >> i'll do. that you've been here for over nine years. what about what is it about ellicott city that brought you here, keeps you here. what do you love about it. >> it's a great community. tight little community to belong to. great customers. i love the fact we're down in the historic area. >> you were just like i wish there was great wine shop rite here in this area. you're like let's put in a great wine shop in this area. >> exactly. >> did you have any issues with the flood? i know physical damage there wasn't new jersey. you still had shut down for while. >> we to had to shut down three and a half weeks which was pretty rough to pay your bills. >> no doubt about it. people coming back in. as you're looking around you see three things here. you see a lot of beer. you see a lot of wine and you see a lot o
10:45 am
maryland which is really cool from the candles over here as we pan around you can see the plates and everything else. i love the fact that you're keeping it home grown. >> we do. we also carry a lot of maryland local cheeses, local chocolates made here in maryland as well. it's very important to support your local community that sports you. >> once you get into the wine business did become like a complete obsession now i have to have everything i want to try everything? even with the beer all the different craft breweries out there these days. >> it's actually a lot of fun. we taste wine every single day. 98% of our wines we've actually tasted before we sold them. >> what's wrong with the other 2%. >> we run out of time. >> but it's fun. >> i want you to find something because i want to taste something. i want to you find something for me that i'm not familiar with because to me that's the fun of tasting is learning something new. >> my favorite is a wine from us a city ya. number one white grape of austria. gr
10:46 am
usual $20. one of my favorite things about the entire winery john is in austria everything is family owned. it's not corporate own and dominated like it is in the united states all small family farms. >> interesting. let's pour some up. virginia has gotten such a lot of talk for its wine. maryland ever get to that point with wines? i know they started a little bit now with some of the wines. >> yeah, i think so. maryland is make something great wines. you know, the problem with some of the maryland wines they're on the pricey side it's not bot physical you'll grab for tuesday night. definitely quality level of maryland wine is off the charts. >> let's shoot down that theory because a lot of people some people will say it's not not some people will say i only drink inexpensive wine. as far as taste goes can you fine a great taste at any price point. >> yes, you can find a great taste at any price point. >> you we dope have to buy the most expensive wine to get the great taste. >> no. >> is there anything particular you should look for if somebody wants to try something new and not break the bank. >> the most pophi
10:47 am
someone who knows t w know what's in the bottle. some people are shop on label. you're drinking the juice in inside. ask questions and find something you're comfortable with to know what's in the bottle. >> ask for help. >> get a lifeline a wine line. >> exactly. >> wine is just fermented grapes it's not snobby. that's all it is grapes permitted. >> it's our serving of grout for the day. >> exactly. >> bring it back over here we have to sample this wine right now. run me through what i have to do with the wine. you're swirling your glass. >> that's habit to swirl but it opens up the wine and it starts to breathe a little bit. it's tight. it's been sitting in bottle by itself. you open it a little bit and just take a little sniff to the nose to see wait smells like. >> when i order a bottle at the restaurant and they pour a little and they sniff it, is it okay. is it ever okay to say it's not okay, even though uncork the. >> definitely. thee's a lot of times the wines could be bad. six or 7% the wines are bad. do taste to mick sure it's what you expected. >> c
10:48 am
little sample. >> that's very light many very refreshing very summer like. >> it is very summer like. little green apple it to little mineral will the very fresh. >> i like it. it's very fitting as we kick off our summer zip trips and. >> goes great with crabcakes. >> how much more maryland can you get than that. >> nailed it. >> thanks so much for joining us this inning. >> thank you. >> keep up the great work. we're celebrating ellicott city as we kick off summer in our zip trip season. not bad at all. thumbs up. >> steve has done the beer segment. the wine segment. >> see a trend there, steve. >> you drew the long straw today. >> good for you, buddy. >> all right. okay. coming up we're actually going to have the last stop on our first zip trip of 2017. we'll head to the cafe for a taste of ellicott city. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪♪
10:49 am
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thank you chris. okay. zip trip back to ellicott city. this time we're ending way bank with some of the food that ellicott city. macho time cafe. >> yum yum. >> hey, gang. >> hello. we're here with the taste of ellicott city. did you like that? hello. >> hello. >> time for to us mellow out and we have the cafe to do it. >> one of the great things about ellicott city how many different cultures you can get. >> most definitely. >> all within an old town. totally different one. >> great japanese restaurant. they specialize in the tea. >> tea and food. >> tea cafe. >> let's let derek talk about it. >> derek and his wife hat zoom me they own this cafe. >> you said the distinction. tell us exactly what the cafe is. >> macha
10:53 am
served in japan in is a sea sorry manny yoel. the love of tea in general prompted the whole cafe concept. and so started out -- >> cafe around the tea is good way to describe it. >> right. we weren't even going to offer sushi but when folks in the area heard that we were opening, you got to have sushi. got to have sushi. >> yes. >> and so you have to -- you have to -- >> take care of the customers, right. >> right. >> so that's why we have -- we've kind of grown and what we've been offering. >> okay. >> just based on what people want. >> there is a whole procedure and way to prepare tea. you're going to show thus. >> yes. >> you're going to do a little play by play? >> yes. let me pref face this first with this is made in the same way as during the tea ceremony but we don't perform the ceremony because it's not practical. but she is going to make it in th
10:54 am
that is the macho. >> i don't know if you can zoom in here but it's a very very green, and that's, you know, it's a finely powdered tea. so she's going to add a little bit of water make a paste out of it. actually it's not vodka. >> steve is back from the wine bin. he stumbled across the street. macho is different the powder is actual the tea leave that's been powder arrived. it's been ground into a very fine powder. and so when you drink it you're drinking -- you're actually consuming the leaf you get all the extra antioxidants and all the extra have it mince and so on. >> here's the obvious question. it is very different from a green tea, right? >> it is a green tea. good okay. >> but it's a kind of almost it's own class. >> it has 137 times the anti oxidants of other green teas. >> do you a
10:55 am
>> i try to. but it's a little expensive. >> you started out this morning. >> that's right. >> little confection. before you drink macho -- >> did you say what the ceremony is? >> the ceremony is it's hard to kind of describe but it's very -- very spiritual and very calming. the whole concept is to calm the soul, calm the mind and drink the tea, and green teas especially and even more so macho is very high in which counter acts caffeine in there. >> it tastes green good you get the energy boost and awareness but you don't get the jitters. >> it's all natural. >> it's all natural and very high -- immuno acid that has calming effect. >> let's try it. >> thank you for being here. >> we appreciate it. we want to -- i
10:56 am
housekeeping note to pass flooding on that saturday in july this year, though, it will be the easy strong -- ec strong 5k run race. >> run up this hill. >> i don't really know. if you want more information ec strong. >> i have one housekeeping note at the wine bin one of the coolest thing they do besides everything they sell they do the movies right on the side of the building. starting tonight owner says he's been here for seven, eyers one of his favorite things he does. tonight and tomorrow night every friday and saturday night in the summer come down and watch movies on the big screen on the side of the building. enjoy nice night. >> this is testimony to ten months of hard work and absolutely to a great place that they've come back as far as they have. >> absolutely. >> we got to say thank you to ellicott city for having us out today. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you everyone. we salute you ellicott city. and this is our first of many zip trips this summer season. >> next week bowie. >> get ready, bowie
10:57 am
>> waryland. >> holly, wisdom, erin, tucker. >> yes. >> good day. >> happy memorial day weekend he can everybody. bye. see you monday. >> cheers! at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things.
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: lovely. [ applause ] >> wendy: thanks for coming over and watching. say hello to


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